Jenny Tay

Previously in events management and advertising, Jenny became a second-generation funeral director when she took over the management of Direct Funeral Services. Growing up with her big-hearted father, Roland Tay, who would always go all out to arrange pro bono funerals for the destitute, Jenny was inspired to step up and help the underprivileged. Through Direct Life Foundation (DLF), Jenny hopes to reach out to vulnerable elderly with a personal touch and promote the virtue of filial piety.

Since its inception in 2019, DLF has been playing a major role in Direct Funeral Services’ corporate social responsibility efforts. For Jenny, it is an initiative that she will continue to upkeep—and grow.


Darren Cheng

Darren was a psychotherapist specialising in children’s issues, insomnia, and depression before joining Jenny in the management of Direct Funeral Services. The DLF he envisions is one that works to improve the quality of people’s life through education, engaging activities, and charitable efforts. Darren believes that education plays an important role in cultivating values such as filial piety and kindness, and has co-written several children’s books including A Bowl Full of Ice Cream and Where Did Grandpa Go?


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