Direct Life Foundation (DLF) is the charitable arm of Direct Funeral Services. At DLF, our primary mission is to enhance the lives of vulnerable and lonely seniors by facilitating active volunteerism and integrating our elderly beneficiaries into a caring community. We are also committed to providing needy children with access to additional educational resources, as we firmly believe that every child has the right to learn like their peers—regardless of family circumstances.

Who We Reach Out To


Bullet PointElderly living alone, as well as in rental flats, homes and hospices

Bullet PointChildren from low-income families

What We Do


Bullet PointPromote filial piety at home, in the community and society

Bullet PointEncourage community involvement in caring for the vulnerable seniors in our society

Bullet PointPreserve cultural and traditional values among the younger generation

Bullet PointPromote kindness and care for others

Bullet PointProvide needy children with additional learning resources to level the playing field

Bullet PointSupport and guide people in their grief journey through books and seminars

Core Values


Bullet PointFilial Piety

Bullet PointCompassion

Bullet PointKindness